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Welcome to News section. As you can guess, here you will find the latest information about tests, updates and new product releases. But we know you might be 'fed up' with all this boring technical stuff. To make your surfing more pleasant, we have published curious gossips about our staff members and company events.

08th March 2000
The latest test of our RS232 to RS485 converters showed that they support up to 460Kb/s baud rate!
Note to customers: an output circuit optimisation is available upon phone or e-mail request!
17th March 1999
We are proud to announce the new clients-support service: Here you can send all kinds of questions and complaints (whatever you can think of) and you WILL receive a comprehensive answer a.s.a.p.!
18th March 1999
Miss Ani treated for the last time because she will be preparing for her exams in History and English. She wants to study archeology. Good Luck!
15th May 1999
Our newest product - Game Timer is already finished. Now supports time doubling and bonus hours for the keen gamers. You can see detailed information.
2nd August 1999

Sensei Shihan Masatake Fujita (8 dan) gave an autograph to Nikolaj Djulgerov (9 kyu):|Web master & designer: Billian Belchev